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IIW-INDIA AND WTIA-Australia collaborate for exchange of welding journals for the benefit of their members.

From now on copies of the WTIA journal will be uploaded onto the IIW-India website and IWJ onto WTIA website in the members restricted area on a regular basis.

Members of IIW-India can now Log into the Members area with their password to view the e-copy of WTIA journal Dec-2011 issue.

Members of IIW-India will be glad to learn that from now on copies of the WTIA journal & CWA journal will be uploaded onto the IIW-India website and IWJ onto WTIA& CWA website in the members restricted area on a regular basis.

Award Criteria

1. Circular Letter_HSG_Life Time Achievement Award_2014_Rev

2. Circular Letter_HSG_Prof. Placid Rodriguez Memorial Lecture Award_2014_Rev

3. Circular Letter_HSG_Sir L. P. Misra Memorial Lecture Award_2014_rev

4 .IIW_best_thesis_award_2014_rev

5 .Proforma of Nomination_Prof. Placid Rodreguez Memorial Lecture Award

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The Indian Institute of Welding (IIW-India) is a professional body devoted to the cause of promotion and advancement of welding science and technology in India. Established in the year 1966, with its registered office at Kolkata, it has 13(Thirteen) Branches and 2(Two) Centres located all over India.

Please mail the abstracts to by  30th Oct 2014.

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