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Nominations for Awards of International Institute of Welding 2016


Dear Members,

As many of you may be aware, the International Institute of Welding (IIW) has instituted many awards for individuals for their contributions to welding allied fields of science and technology. As a member society of IIW, the Indian Institute of Welding (IIW-India) can nominate its members for these awards.

IIW has called for the nominations of these awards for the year 2015 and the last date for IIW-India to send its nomination for these awards is December 15, 2015.

A brief description along with the criteria of the awards is given below.

The Fellow of IIW
Introduced in 2014, the FELLOW OF IIW (FIIW) award recognizes members of the IIW for distinguished contributions to the field of welding science and technology, and for promoting, and sustaining the professional stature of the field.
Link to File No. RD536 

The Regional Activities Award
The REGIONAL ACTIVITIES Award recognises and outstanding individual who has made a significant contribution to improving the global quality of life through optimum use and innovation of welding and joining technologies in their region or internationally. This contribution may have been achieved through involvement in the IIW, through and IIW Member Society or outside the IIW.
Link to File No. RD534 

The Halil Kaya Gedik Award
The HALIL KAYA GEDIK Award is awarded annually by the International Institute of Welding, sponsored by the Turkish Delegation.
The Prize is awarded to a Scientist or Engineer who has made outstanding contributions to welding science and technology in one of the three following categories:
Category A - The development of consumables
Category B - The industrial implementation of arc welding
Category C - The training and education of young people
Link to File No. RD532r2

The Henry Granjon Prize
The HENRY GRANJON Prize, launched in 1992, is an annual competition amongst authors of papers devoted to research into welding technology or a related subject. The main aim of the competition is to stimulate young people's interest in welding and allied processes.
Link to File No. RD503r7 

The Yoshiaki Arata Award
The YOSHIAKI ARATA Award is presented annually since 1994 to a person who has made extraordinary achievements in fundamental research in welding science and technology and its allied areas, which have been recognized as significant contributions to the progress of welding engineering and related fields.
Link to File No. RD501r6 

The Evgeny Paton Prize
The EVGENY PATON Prize is awarded every year to an individual who has made a significant contribution to science and technology through his/her lifetime dedication to “Applied Research and Development in the Field of Advanced Technologies, Materials and Equipment for Welding and Allied Processes”.
Link to File No. RD508r6 


The Thomas Medal
The THOMAS Medal is awarded annually to an individual who has been involved in IIW/ISO international standards activities and requires the delivery of a lecture illustrating the incorporation of global studies into the standardization of welding technology.
Link to File No. RD506r5 

The Arthur Smith Award
The ARTHUR SMITH Award is conferred annually to an individual who has provided dedicated service to the IIW and enabled its objectives to be considerably advanced. Recipients are individuals who have contributed to IIW activities for numerous years, particularly in the work of the Commissions.
Link to File No. RD507r4 

The Walter Edström Medal
The Walter Edström Medal is conferred upon an individual who, at his/her level of knowledge and responsibility, has made a remarkable and distinguished contribution to the IIW.
Link to File No. RD502r4 

These awards will be given away in the 69th Annual Assembly of IIW to be held in 2016 at Melbourne, Australia.

The Technical Committee of IIW-India has been given the responsibility of receiving nominations for these awards from various branches and council members of the Institute and recommending suitable candidate(s) to the council for forwarding to IIW. This is a great opportunity for the members of the IIW-India to receive International recognition for their contribution to welding and allied fields.

The last date for the technical committee of IIW- India to receive nominations for these awards is set as November 15, 2015. The nominations received by the Technical Committee will be reviewed by a panel of experts and suitable candidates will be recommended to the IIW-India council for its approval and forwarding the nominations to IIW. 



Further information can be obtained from the relevant IIW document that is referred against each award.

Dileep Kulkarni
Chairman, Technical Committee
The Indian Institute of Welding

With a mission to be the Premier Professional Institute in India for the advancement of Welding Science & Technology and related activities, IIW-India has been continuously developing itself for achievement of Assist Human resources development in Welding in India.

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